Thursday, May 1, 2014

Inspiring and helpful

Howdy gang!  I know it's been a few months since we've posted, and for that I apologize.  Life has been busy and interesting over the past few weeks.  Sheri ran her first full Marathon this past weekend at the Garmin Marathon and crushed!  I ran my 2nd half Marathon and took 6 minutes off my personal best and set a PR of 3:27:05.  This wasn't your typical race....we had to deal with things like rain/wind/HAIL!  The course was good, the volunteers were great and our friends/support crew were AWESOME.  If you're ever going to run a race, find some crazy friend/s who will be willing to stand outside for 3-6 hours cheering you on, getting you drinks, etc.  It helps more than they know.

I have a couple of cool blogs that I would like to share with you all.  There is a group on Facebook that is full of dedicated, crazy and inspiring people who have committed to try and run a sub-30 5K.  There are 2 guys in particular that I look up to in this group who have lost a ton of weight and are inspiring others with all the running they are doing and I wanted to share their info for you guys to check them out.
The first guy is Lonnie St John. Lonnie has lost 100 lbs from eating smart and exercising.  He's a runner that inspires others to get out there and pound the pavement or trails.  He's a cheerleader when you need him, and seems to find just the right time to tell you get off your butt and get out the door. You can check out his story at

The second guy is Andy Aubin.  He has lost over 130 lbs by watching what he eats and started incorporating running into his life.  You can check his story out here -->
Both of these guys have great stories, ideas and helpful tips to get you out the door, eating right and having fun getting healthy.  They both have a passion for helping others achieve their running/weight loss goals and love to run.

Also, let me hear some feedback from you all.  If you've tried out any of the recipes we've posted, let us know how they've turned out.

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